Friendship. Community. Team.

No More Sidelines is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, committed to helping children and young adults with special needs in our community. We provide children and young adults with special needs, ages seven and older, an opportunity to play sports year round and to participate in community events and outings.

There is no cost to your child to participate with No More Sidelines. Essential athletic equipment and uniforms are provided. Uniforms are issued at the beginning of each sporting season and collected at the end of each season. Your child does not need to participate in every sport to be a part of No More Sidelines.

To read up on the latest with No More Sidelines, read our Spring Newsletter below.  Please view Event page to see the calendar for any events that were added after newsletter was published.


Outdoor Fun in the Sun June 9th at Elk’s Park.  Click on the sun for event details!





Rocket and Airplane Building June 16th at the Hub!  Click on the Rocket for details!  Limited to 20 participants call for reservations please!





June 20th fun with GVSU Students!  Click on the logo for the event page!

The Duck Lake Triathlon






June 27th Fun with GVSU Students!